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Who is Tovacento

Tovacento (pty) Lmt is a registered distributor of the innovative, and patented Bag-in-Ball technology found in KeyKeg products, created by Lightweight Containers BV.

The KeyKeg system

Makers of beer, wine, cider and soft drinks are enthusiastically making the switch to KeyKegs, and with a conscious eye to the future. As market leader, KeyKeg is years ahead of the competition. The powerful combination of ground-breaking R&D and efficient production of our lightweight PET kegs guarantees top quality for the beverages that go into them. The advanced designs also offer customers tremendous opportunities to break into and serve new markets, complete with a company’s own branding. In short, the KeyKeg system benefits everyone in the chain: manufacturers, distributors, bars and restaurants, and consumers.

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the keykeg system
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KeyKeg Quality

The power of the KeyKeg system is reflected in the quality and shelf life of beer and wine in our one-way kegs, a direct result of the innovative and patented Bag-in-Ball principle. Our two-compartment system – a specially developed laminated inner bag in a high-tech PET pressure vessel – guarantees the best beverage quality over the entire supply chain, from filling and transport to its sale to the consumer.

The KeyKeg system guarantees your beverages a shelf life equivalent to or better than that of steel kegs.. Because the beverage never comes into direct contact with the propellant gas, it keeps for weeks after broaching. KeyKeg is ideal for bars and restaurants who want to offer their customers a wide range of beers and wines on tap. An additional advantage of the Bag-in-Ball principle is that unlike a steel keg, a KeyKeg can be tapped to nearly the last drop.

KeyKeg Despensing

Dispensing is simple – the universal KeyKeg coupler fits all dispensing equipment.
You can also dispense using compressed air – an increasingly popular solution with restaurant and bar owners since it is both more environment-friendly and less expensive than other propellants.

Its innovative design makes the KeyKeg system extremely simple to use. The cleverly designed shape and ergonomic grip ensure that everybody can start using KeyKegs right away. The kegs are lightweight and easy to manage, and they stack efficiently, saving valuable storage and transport space.

Filling them is easy, too. KeyKegs can be filled with automatic and semi-automatic filling systems made by KeyKeg-licensed manufacturers. Smaller breweries and wineries can fill manually using a special filling head

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sustainable production

KeyKeg Sustainability

Sustainability is an essential feature of the KeyKeg system. The lightweight KeyKegs are recyclable.
Our aim is to make over half of every KeyKeg Slimline from recycled plastic. But we’re looking even farther ahead: it is our long-term ambition to create a cradle-to-cradle process, where empty KeyKegs become the raw material for the new kegs.

Environmentally Friendly

The environmental benefits of the KeyKeg system go beyond its recyclability. Because of their compact design, 25-30% more KeyKegs can be loaded per shipment than their traditional counterparts. In addition, using KeyKegs eliminates the need for empty steel kegs to make the expensive return trip.

The savings on transport can run up to 65%. KeyKeg means lower CO2 emissions and no chemical cleaning. The environmentally friendly nature of the KeyKeg system is right in line with many of our customers’ sustainability goals, while saving on costs and without compromising on quality.

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TOVACENTO (PTY) LTD™ is a registerred trademark